Where Have I Been?

I have been wanting to become current on Tinker’s status but am plagued by a physical situation that has in the recent past rendered my hands and arms completely and quite literally useless due to tendonitis. Because of this I am cautious about how much typing I do; it takes much longer for me to complete things having to type in smaller increments so as not to overdo. Any soreness or pain has me dropping all activity related to typing  because of the fear of losing the use of my hands, and since I haven’t completely trained my voice recognition software, I have not been able to regularly post anything except Facebook entries and to handle email. At this juncture I am becoming a bit frustrated but have resolved to work through the fear so I may get caught up on so many parts of my work that need real attention and completion.

The other reason I haven’t posted even a small update about our boy Tinker is that every time I have a blog posting on my day’s to-do list, he does something new or different or surprising, so I think to myself that I would like to add that in to my posting so I’ll wait and write it all up at once. Which, of course, I haven’t.

I shall try in the coming days and weeks to give you an overview of where Tinker is now. More than likely I will have to do so in installments until I get caught up, because trying to put everything that has happened over the last few months could very well end up being a small book!

Stay tuned…



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