Monthly Archives: March, 2016


I am sitting here watching Tinker sleep. His body is stretched out with his head draped over the end of his little bed. Not a care in the world. The fact that he is sleeping is unremarkable; it’s where he is sleeping like this that is. It is almost ten P.M. Tinker’s bed is in …

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In my last blog post, I detailed how Tinker not only had become seemingly quite comfortable with being stroked while in his crate, but had actually begun asking for affection. I truly had expected that we would remain at this stage for a while, but Tinker had other plans. About a week or so after …

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I find that I like experiencing moments with Tinker much more than writing about them. I have some catching up to do, once again. Weeks ago I had mentioned that I had begun giving Tinker a quick stroke every once in a while when he is in his crate, something that actually made me uncomfortable …

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